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Hi there. I'm Alyce :) Welcome to my lil' piece of internet. This site is best viewed on a computer.

I don't quite know what I'm doing here. I found a webring of personal sites on neocities and was inspired to create my own. I had a website on angelfire back in the day so building this place has brought back a lot of fond memories.

Early in the pandemic I revived my deadjournal and deleted all of my social media accounts. Being stuck at home and off social media, my world suddenly became very small. Surprisingly I found the deadjournal community still alive (struggling but with a pulse.) The relationships I formed there renewed my views of socializing online. I realized I can totally have an online presence and not have social media. I'm still figuring out what that looks like.

All this is to say, here I am trying my best.

This is a personal website made out of love and boredom. If you see anything here that I have stolen from you and not credited or you would like me to take down, let me know. I am under-educated in website etiquette but am learning every day.

Thank you for stopping by! Sign my guestbook on your way out.

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03/31/22: Updated home movie page
03/15/22: Updated diary layout
02/14/22: Added love letters to notebooks
02/08/22: Updated diary layout
01/31/22: Added link buttons to collection page
01/29/22: Added notebooks page
01/28/22: Upgraded to supporter
01/24/22: Changed website name
01/22/22: All pages finished!
01/17/22: Website created

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