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website building stuff - Build your own personal website.

Lissa Explains it all - This site helped with my livejournal layouts twenty years ago and is still helping me today.

Tenshiikisu - Cute backgrounds.

Seamless backgrounds - via Tumbler.

CreateBlog - Website, blog, myspace, journal templates.

Lovely Designs - More templates.

Celestial-star - Even more templates.

Tessisamess - Layouts, codes, tutorials, & resources

Textanim - Animated text generator.

Jasminnie - Collection of pixels, banners, backgrounds, text symbols, and other useful stuff.

Glitter-Graphics - Y2K era graphic catalog.

Bonnibel's Graphic Collection - Curated cute grapics.

Background Archive - Old school backgrounds.

Dymo Label Maker - Old school label maker.

Arkm's Webby Links - Graphics, fonts, all kinds of webstuff.

Flaming Text - Logo maker

Cute Kawaii Resources - Pixels

Favicons - Tiny .gifs

Color Hunter - Create and find color palettes made from images.

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Figurosity - Figure drawing models.

Rhymezone - Rhyming dictionary.

The Georgia Gardener - Gardening in zone 8.

Sow True Seeed - Zone 8 monthly checklists.

Kawaling Pinoy - Filipino & Asian recipes.

Deadjournal - Lastest post.